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Gassed Tehran, seized Kabul, helped Mother Teresa, funded TB hospital, priest 1981, went Auschwitz, wrote on Parliament, convicted, began 1st inter-faith NHS chapel, 12 yrs Anglican cleric/vicar - left, baptised 1000's in homes/Mt Snowdon/at circus, wedding underwater, wrote ‘For God’s Sake Don’t Go To Church’, nailed 95 Theses 2 Canterbury cathedral, arrested, co-founded the Society for Independent Ministry, consecrated a bishop, co-founded the Open Episcopal Church, did 1st gay wedding on morning TV, sued Associated Newspapers, co-consecrated 1st women bishops 4 England,Wales,Scotland, accommodated the homeless, posted Mass/took it 2 sex workers, elected Archbishop, arrested 4 climbing with sons,founded ‘When No One’s Watching',made ICV, did Jade Goody's wedding,invited 2 Downing St, wrote 'That Old Devil Called God Again', conviction 4 campaigning against child abuse quashed on appeal, convicted 4 successful blogging 2 stop paedophile. His Christmas Lights raising £79,000 4 Water in 4 Gambian villages. Published "The Tales of Henry the Lovable Hedgehog", the SAFE New Testament + Psalms + radical Book of Common Prayer, ordained priests for UK,US,Thailand,Spain,Ireland

Monday, March 23, 2015


So have I got this right? You can be named as the protector of a 12 year old child, but choose instead to abduct him and his brother, and then imprison them and have them murdered. You can destroy the reputation of your brother's widow and declare your nephews to be illegitimate, just so you can usurp the throne. You can have your critics imprisoned and executed without trial. All these things, but as long as you  have good connections and died centuries ago, not only can all these things be forgiven, but your evil deeds can be expunged, you can receive a hero's burial, a girl guide may bear your crown, thousands could line the streets in your honour, the Queen may write you a tribute, academics may indulge in extraordinary feats of revisionism, bishops may fawn over you and cathedrals might have recourse to the courts to secure the prize of housing your body. I wonder if this is what's in store for Savile in 500 years?

Sunday, March 22, 2015


 A decadent feting by the Sunday Times of how to destroy lifelong relationships, of self delusion and of how to commodify sex, rending it from intimacy and using it as a headline grabbing ploy to fill the newspaper's coffers. Shameful.


Ant and Dec's 'Saturday Night Take Away' threatened, last night, to take away the carefully laid child protection messages abroad presently in society.

First, we had multiple images of little Ant and Dec bring physically familiar with their adult counterparts and the affection being reciprocated. This included the touching of thighs and the children being sat on their knees and between adult legs.

Second, we had a distasteful set of questions about adult Ant and Decs' personal habits, including singing on the toilet, lying to a girlfriend and even more concerning, playing with his 'sausage dog', a deliberate double entendre that Dec continued, referring to his 'sausage'.

The show went into melt down when little Dec had said Dec liked to play with Ant and then pointed to Ant's genital area.

At this point Dec playfully covered little Dec's mouth, at which he resisted and an unacceptable scene of child restraint began, with the camera panning away from the incident rapidly until little Dec could be 'brought back to order'.

The visual and experiential messages being broadcast were detrimental to child safety.

It is not appropriate, in today's world, for children to be physically affectionate to adult figures that are not part of their family, and even then it should be limited and handled appropriately by the adults concerned.

It is not appropriate for children to be exposed directly to double entendre culture that is often peddled in such programmes, nor the adulatory vicarious celebrity status afforded to little Ant and Dec,  that intrudes upon their childhood innocence, their schooling and their life expectations.

Added to this, the apparent lauding and actual rewarding of theft and deception in the Judge Rinder section, raises serious questions about the social and moral responsibility the broadcasters bear, in ensuring family viewing remains edifying and wholesome.


Transparency and honesty are essential in the delivering of facts, interpretations and judgements. The vested interests that lie behind those who disseminate need to be declared. Newspapers and journalists cannot escape the same requirements. The coverage of the judgement by the Sunday Times has not been impartial.

The Court of Appeal confirmed that the defendants were liable for libel and malicious falsehood in respect of meanings 2 and 3, that they knew the meanings 2 and 3 were untrue, that the journalists were malicious in relation to meanings 2 and 3, that there were many shortcomings in the Sunday Times articles. Consequently, the Court of Appeal made an award of £50,000 for damages in favour of the claimant and maintained the injunction relating to meanings 2 and 3.

This weekend, the Sunday Times has devoted two full pages to lauding their success re meaning 1. Peter Cruddas has no such access to soap box his views, advertise his success or air brush his loss. Who then is the David and who the Goliath, and with whom is integrity found?

At its heart, money, power, networks and influence have been at play in the political, judicial, media and personal circles concerned. Just as politicians and judges must declare their interests, so must newspapers and journalists. The truth remains that politicians, judges, newspaper editors and journalists are all pursuing their careers, securing their incomes, feathering their nests, guarding their reputations, extending their influence and dissembling over their motives; all are at the same game, all are feeding from the same apple.

The sinister difference being, that the Sunday Times and its journalists, can bury truths they find uncomfortable under mountains of verbiage, as they too are found wanting and as they participate in the power brokers' corrupt masquerade.

Saturday, March 21, 2015



Damasak, Srebrenica, Bergen Belsen, Auschwitz.....different locations, different philosophies, religions and cultures but the same humanity........oh when will we learn?

Friday, March 20, 2015


Oh grief, oh grief beyond expression. This insanity.

Precious children....acts that defy divinity.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


 The weirdest part of this story is not the eating of the placenta, but that a woman would pay £50 for someone else to make their placenta, strawberry and blueberry smoothie when they could do it themselves and even stranger that they would fork out £150 for popping it in the oven for desiccation.


Farkhunda - Is this why 453 British servicemen and women gave their lives in Afghanistan? Or was it so the Kabul political elite could siphon off millions into private bank accounts?


Taking a leaf from Maggie Thatcher's Section 28 homophobic legislation.


When police remain unaccountable......

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Netanyahu has won by condemning the Palestinians to live in conditions worse than KFC chickens, by flexing the racist muscle, by pandering to separatism and elitism, by appealing to the worst motivations in humanity, by a Nazi style dogmatism and a disregard for the genocidal consequences of the right wing message.


Kill 1000 defenceless prisoners and know the police won't come knocking for around 20 years


It is of note that the Bexley ICV Panel, that purports to protect the treatment of detainees, harbours a member, Lorraine Sheen, who was shown, during an investigation last year, to have made a false allegation and to have lied while carrying out a public duty. 

It is of grave concern that the panel and MOPAC have remained complicit with her deception and allowed her to continue having access to the police cells.


It should be made clear, for the sake of accuracy and balanced reporting and the quest to "hold power to account",  that the Court of Appeal confirmed that the defendants were liable for libel and malicious falsehood in respect of meanings 2 and 3, that they knew the meanings 2 and 3 were untrue, that the journalists were malicious in relation to meanings 2 and 3, that there were many shortcomings in the Sunday Times articles and that in some respects the articles were unfair to Mr Cruddas. The Court of Appeal made an award of £50,000 for damages in favour of the claimant  and maintained the injunction relating to meanings 2 and 3.  Please can the Sunday Times disclose what their costs have been and whether they have been or will be ordered to pay all, or a proportion of the claimant's costs? Will the Sunday Times also justify why they have reported the judgement in a biased and misleading manner, which appears more about defending vested interests rather than upholding the finest standards in investigative journalism.

Monday, March 16, 2015


Thursday, March 12, 2015


Take a 14 year old, pull out his finger nails, burn him with cigarettes, keep him in prison for 10 years and then execute him - justice State style....



Wednesday, March 11, 2015


The people are mocked by the judicial system.

It is too costly for most ever to rely on it for help.

It is woefully incapable of pursuing even minor financial claims successfully and penalises the already wronged with onerous administration, rising court fees and poor results.

Various criminal offences are time barred.

Litigants in person in criminal cases are discouraged, even blocked.

Victims are treated like inconveniences and are humiliated and often traduced.

Yet, an embittered ex can pursue you to the grave.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


After millennia, humanity has this to show.

The symbol of a decadent world order.

A world in which Good Luck Jonathan siphons off billions of pounds into off shore accounts in the rich world, as do countless other corrupt regimes and individuals. Meanwhile the poor starve and girls are abducted and sexually abused, but as long as the rich world's bank accounts are bulging, the blood can be well laundered from the money, so it stacks clean and guiltless in our vaults.

Repeatedly thieves and murderers consolidate their masquerade as national governments and we assist in the subterfuge by providing them with arms and military advice, to further enable the oppression of their people and the silencing of protest.

We even issue invitations for them to dine with our royalty and be feted among our best.

Yet, as we continue to adopt these demeritorious ploys, the haunted eyes of children bearing guns represent our own malfeasance.


Institutionally sanctioned child abuse

Thursday, March 05, 2015


We can rest easy as the election approaches. Blair proves the integrity of Labour. The party championing the poor, the workers and the underdogs.

Their ex leader, ex Prime Minister, ex revolutionary icon, dips into his very large pocket and drops £106,000 of his very own savings, into the gnarled hand of the Miliband beggar.

What munificence.

I just hope he has at least some bread left to place on the family meal table tonight......