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Friday, November 20, 2009


The Vatican has condemned the film New Moon.

However, this comes as yet another example of the myopic approach taken by the Church which alienates the young and those who are at the forefront of wrestling with the complex and confusing issues of our day.

Meyer is an American Mormon. She comes from a strict traditionalist culture ,which for instance resists gay and lesbian rights and relationships. Yet in the Twilight series, while not being able to cope with the modern accomodation of homosexuality, she explores the unconventional relationship between a human and a vampire.

Culture often incorporates and reflects the paradoxes and philosophical conundrums that society faces.

It was illustrated starkly in the recent Batman movie which gave greater precedence to the characterisation of evil and left the force for God reeling in self pity and doubt.

The Twilight series is an exploration of the classic themes of love, loyalty, life, death, good , evil, rescue and redemption in a comic book fantasy landscape.

What is notable though, is that while the Church has removed itself from the modern narrative by dehumanising the figure of Jesus and the saints, Meyer forges ahead, exploring the contours of such issues across the stereotypical boundaries.

Just as we know of former IRA bombers who are now in government, and hear Karzai's call for talks with the Taliban and read that Al Quaeda operatives are now blogging, former clear depictions of good and evil are now blurring.

People of the new society are being called to address the evil and good within themselves as well as in others and to quest together to identify common themes that lead to love and life rather than hate and death.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Five British soldiers

Gulbuddin cuts down 5 friends of Afghanistan. Five young men, torn from their families to try and impose order and democracy on an unwilling land. Deaths adding to the hundreds that have been slain in the desert hell that is the final taste of life for these young hearts.

Gordon Brown, the ferment is growing, the ranks are breaking, the political experiment has failed and the spin is over.

Bring our soldiers home.