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Gassed Tehran, seized Kabul, helped Mother Teresa, funded TB hospital, priest 1981, pilgrim 2 Auschwitz, wrote on Parliament, convicted, began 1st inter-faith NHS chapel, relinquished 12 year Anglican post, baptised 1000's in homes on Mt Snowdon + at circus, did wedding underwater, wrote ‘For God’s Sake Don’t Go To Church’, nailed 95 Theses 2 Canterbury cathedral, arrested, co-founded the Society for Independent Ministry, consecrated as a bishop, co-founded the Open Episcopal Church, did 1st gay wedding on prime time TV, sued Associated Newspapers, co-consecrated 1st women bishops 4 England,Wales,Scotland, accommodated the homeless, took Mass 2 sex workers, posted it, elected Archbishop, arrested 4 climbing with sons, founded ‘When No One’s Watching', became an ICV, did Jade Goody's wedding , invited 2 Downing St, wrote 'That Old Devil Called God Again', conviction 4 campaigning against child abuse quashed on appeal, convicted 4 successful blogging 2 stop paedophile. His Christmas Lights reported in Daily Telegraph,Sky News, C4 raising £67,000.Water in 3 Gambian villages. Published "The Tales of Henry the Lovable Hedgehog" + the first SAFE Bible series.

Monday, November 23, 2015


Thank goodness DCM has protected cinema lovers from falling pray to religious and political zealots.
Imagine the Spectre of sinking sweet into those heavenly chairs only to be evangelized first by an Anglican ad, then a Muslim preacher and rounded off with a Jeremy Corbyn plug.
Further, while even Bond has undergone a makeover, becoming increasingly P.C., the Church of England wants to cause offence with reactionary sentiments that seek to drag us back to the dark ages.
Just in 60 seconds, We'lby urged to identify the divine as a man, to live under the maverick tyranny of a single king, to be subjects in his kingdom, to be obedient to his will and whims, to beg for a daily food ration, to live in perpetual guilt dependent on his royal pardon, to regard ourselves as incapable against the forces arrayed against us, in need of rescue and to adopt a servile demeanour, doing everything to boost the ego, power and adulation of our single celebrity Royal.

By gazing at the STARs....too many WARS have come.
At a time when the world is realising how dangerous, damaging and demonic religion has become in the minds and hearts of humanity, the Church of England has shown how totally out of touch it really is.


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